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How Will The Younger Generations Be Effected When It Comes To Finding Medical Coverage In A Downward Economy?

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

Health insurance is one important aspect of life and living without it can not only make your financial stability shaky, but put your life in danger. Many youth who are aging in the adult population are forced to live without health insurance. Health insurance premiums are too expensive for those who leave school and get their careers off the ground.

The current labor market makes it difficult to achieve even having a degree from a good university will not be able to provide you much help. Which means many graduates settle for jobs that may or may not even be in their area. And with the rising cost of health care more for employers they are forced to drop health insurance as a benefit of work simply because they can no longer afford to help employees pay their premiums.

The little bit extra that employees might be making is little consolation when it comes to helping them afford health insurance. On average most employers will only raise an employee’s salary by a few dollars an hour if they don’t offer health insurance benefits and this is not even close to the amount that they will wind up paying to insure themselves and their families through a private pay insurance policy.

The problem undoubtedly lies in the high cost of health insurance premiums that is directly proportional to the high cost of medical care itself, which is directly proportional to the high cost of malpractice insurance which is directly proportional to the number of professionals health, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies that face lawsuits advanced by those who have been harmed or injured by the medical community. Now, maybe this seems like a lot of variables, but when you remove the middle you are left with the fact that the high cost of health insurance is caused by medical malpractice.

Knowing that one must wonder if the medical profession is aiding or harming their cause. After all, if medical liability issues weren’t so common, there would be fewer lawsuits and doctors would not require malpractice insurance and therefore the cost of health care would be reduced. Many doctors consider this to be caused by lawyers and that people expect them to be miracle workers, and neither is to far from the truth. Regardless of whose fault it is the cycle must be broken if we are ever going to see health insurance premiums fall.

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