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Importance of Comprehensive Health Insurance for Travel and its Coverage

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

We all have to travel, either for business or for pleasure. Whatever may be the purpose, we expose ourselves to a lot of risks while traveling. We all feel that we are quite healthy. However, accidents don?t come with warnings. Travel insurance can make a big difference simply by covering the various unforeseen expenses you incur during your travel.

It is always advisable that you keep yourself protected instead of crying later over spilt milk. Spending on your travel insurance online might seem like an added financial burden. But consider this fact that when you have secured your future against unexpected losses you will be able to enjoy your travel a lot better.

Did you know that a night spent in the hospital can cost you as much as $2500? Needless to mention, the heart surgery; which can cost you as much as $100,000. Don?t you think that travel medical insurance is the best way of covering yourself against these heavy unforeseen expenses?

Travel insurance provides you with cover for personal accident, ambulance cost, hospitalization, loss of baggage/passport, home burglary etc. Although, medical insurance for travelers provides the coverage during medical emergencies, it is always safe to have a policy that can provide maximum cover.

The amount allowed for medical coverage varies greatly amongst the travel insurance companies. Mostly young people are allowed to purchase policies of over 500,000. However, things change when it comes to the elderly people. Most of the travelers? medical insurance allows elder members to purchase policies ranging between $50,000 and $100,000. Most companies offer travel insurance comparison online for the elder members.

However, if you are going for fixed benefit travel insurance policies then it will not cover all your expenses. Limitations are there for every kind of expense. Suppose you meet with a personal accident then your policy of $100K might cover something around $20K. However, if it is a mere dental expense then your policy might cover you for only $500. The exact amount obviously varies from company to company. If you incur any accident related expenditure beyond this ceiling then you will have to bear that on your own.

Furthermore, there is a deductible levied for certain expenses. The deductible is an amount pre-determined between you and the travel insurance company; it is a fixed amount, decided at the time of purchasing the policy. This is the amount that you pay towards your medical expenses before the insurance company will start their coverage. Typically, the higher the deductible you pay, the lower is your premium.

Travel insurance covers losses other than medical expenses. The medical insurance for travel company will also provide you coverage against repatriation costs, loss of personal belongings, medical evacuation, etc. Isn?t it really a wise decision to secure yourself against such unforeseen financial expenses?

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