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Inexpensive Car insurance – At what Liability Limit?

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

The amount of insurance you will need will always be determined to late, once you have an accident. To try to understand how to protect yourself, you first need to know what your liability insurance will cover. It is always broken up in two parts bodily injury and property damage liability.

Bodily Injury liability includes the injury that are suffered due to on automobile accidents.

1. Initial aid

2. Medical expenses for bodily injury

3. Compensation for loss of income

4. Final expenses

5. Lawyer Fees

Property damage liability makes the damage that is cause due to an automobile accident.

1. Property damage to houses as other buildings

2. Restauration cost for other immobile objects

3. Vehicle repair or replacement costs

So now the question is what limits of coverage do I need? Each state has there own minimum guidelines. Usually around $15,000/$30,000 $15,000 but that will vary by state. When you look at the coverage’s I just wrote down you might be thinking there are three numbers there not two I don’t understand. Bodily injury liability coverage comes in two forms either split limit coverage which is shown above or single limit coverage.

Split Limits: Then if you decided to have split limit coverage the 15,000 from the paragraph above misrepresenting individual coverage for injuries incurred during an accident. While the 30,000 is the total for injuries that incurred for the entire accident with a separate 15,000 for property damages. If you had chosen a single limit of coverage there is only one limit to be divided however need up to the maximum chosen for bodily injury.

Property Damage coverage is always the last number which is represented by $15,000 in the example above.

By this point you could probably sue how state limits that are usually 15,000/30,000/15,000 might not be adequate coverage. With medical cost and the price of automobiles and property rising you might want to consider higher limits.

100,000/300,000/50,000 is the most common amount of liability coverage within today. The cost to the consumer to go from state minimums to 100,000/300,000/50,000 of even more coverage isn’t that much more expensive. It just makes sense to me to pay a little more now for more coverage. Rather then thousands more later. I was found at fault in an accident and caused, because I didn’t have coverage to pay for all the expenses I caused to to the accident.

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