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Information Required for Public Liability Insurance Quotes

Todays Date: December 19, 2018

A public liability insurance quote helps determine the cost of this type of an insurance coverage for your business. The main pieces of information required, to get either an online or offline quote are business type or category, number of employees and details about business activities.

Usually, for a Public Liability Insurance quote, you will need to:

1. Indicate your business type.

2. Indicate the business category, such as limited company, sole proprietorship or partnership etc.

3. Indicating your estimated annual revenues of your business, for example the gross amount of receivables in respect to sales and services provided to your clients.

4. For a liability insurance quote, it is necessary to provide details about any prior claims in the past. Also, details about any incidents that may result in a claim being filed are also mandatory. In case of prior claims, you will also have to furnish the dates, circumstances and amounts also.

5. To get a public liability insurance quote, you will also have to indicate whether you have a working area in a commercial or industrial zone, apart from offices or shops.

6. Stating all subsidiary companies associated with your main business.

7. Indicate the liability coverage wanted out of public liability or product liability. If damage is borne by a third party or a third party’s assets on your premises, this is covered under public liability. Product liability comes into play if a product of yours causes damage to a third party.

8. Indicate the maximum no. of workers so that the insurer can calculate the premium. The no. of directors/partners, employee strength, no. of clerical partners and clerical employees, all need to be specified.

9. Indicating whether there have been any claims or incidents relating to occupational conditions, such as asbestos related illnesses, deafness, lung cancer, etc. is also commonly asked on your liability insurance quote application.

10. Indicate the date when you want the coverage to start. Most insurers will require up to a 30 days in order to be able to provide a public liability insurance quote.

If you submit an online application for a quote, you will most probably receive a quote confirmation summary via email. This does not impose any restrictions or responsibilities upon you. This is just an initial calculation. You will have to discuss the details and specifics with the insurance provider’s representative.

You should get a public liability insurance quote from more than one insurers online. This will help you get the best insurance deal.

Ben Ashfalk is knowledgeable about public liability insurance quotes and public liability insurance policies.

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