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Insurance Discount for Home Security

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

After taking on all of the costs that go along with the purchase of a new home a large amount of new home owners are looking to save money wherever possible. Today most insurance companies are helping home owners with this by giving a percentage off of their home owners insurance just by having a monitored alarm system.

In the late 90’s many insurance providers began putting together statistical data that showed houses that had monitored security systems were less likely to be broken into they also had less stolen and less damage done if they were broken into as compared to homes without security systems. Armed with this information it made both moral and financial sense for insurance companies to offer their customers significant discounts if they chose to have a monitored security alarm system.

Most insurance companies make several requirements to offer this discount. Almost every insurance provider will require that the alarm company that is used for the monitoring to be UL certified. This is a certification that requires the alarm company to abide by federal government regulations such as background checks for employees and the use of standardized dispatching procedures.

It is important to understand the insurance companies do not provide this discount just for having an active security system but the home owner must have a working system that is monitored by a home security provider. With the right requirements met most insurance companies will provide a 10% discount to qualifying home owners. The good news for many home owners is that this discount is often significant to offset the entire cost of the alarm system.

Today many home owners who previously didn’t consider home security monitoring for their alarm system are choosing to have their systems monitored as more studies continue to come out about the values of having a monitored alarm system. This coupled with the fact that many alarm providers are pricing monitoring service under $20 per month make the service very enticing.

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