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Bluetooth Headset Plantronics D975 released

Todays Date: November 18, 2018

Recently, the U.S. leading manufacturer of Bluetooth and wireless headsets Plantronics Discovery grand launch of the flagship series of end-D975, the series has always been to focus on the integration of art and technology known. D975 respected minimalist design, compact and complete machine designs with metallic; in sound performance, D975 using a dual-microphone noise reduction technology and AudioIQ2 digital voice processing technology, the triple-wind device Windsmart ® technology effectively preventing the impact of strong winds on the call. D975’s unique intelligent charging box with a LCD screen, extended talk time twice in addition to clearly show the remaining battery, charging and Bluetooth connectivity status. Both appearance and performance in the ultimate pursuit of the high-end market, Discovery975 will be a high-impact products.

D975’s design is a former BMW designer Darrin Caddes and Plantronics design team’s masterpiece. Products adhering to the 60 years since the beginning of the minimalist style of popular art school, emphasizing simple and clean on the senses, taste and intellectual experience in the performance is more elegant. This style is reflected in the D975 body is no spare machine with the key position indicator, headphone volume and a lump of sugar equivalent to the color of the fuselage using only the classic combination of silver and black, gives a calm, feeling competent . Metallic body with black textured leather holster highly charged noble sense of the times. Meanwhile, D975 weighs just 8 grams, the use of patented glue ear can be firmly fixed on the ear without the ear hook. Special silicone material after several ergonomic testing, not deformed, is also comfortable to wear even for a long time, manufacturers offer 3 size ear gel can adapt to different consumer needs.

Plantronics D975 patent application of the second generation of digital voice processing technology AudioIQ2, and with professional voice of the 20-band equalizer that can accurately analyze and process both voice and data calls, and ultimately transferred to the richest most natural, realistic audio. Meanwhile, D975 is the Discovery series, the first application of the dual-microphone noise reduction technology. Round two microphones receive sound at different angles, were collected from the user voice and background noise, background noise collected from the AudioIQ2 be eliminated by the patent, the user voice is to be strengthened.

In addition, D975 also has anti-wind noise technology, and its triple wind noise device Windsmart ® technology can effectively block wind impact on the conversation. First of all, D975 body with the famous high-tech materials in Al Gore’s brand of professional acoustic materials to effectively filter wind; second ventilation slot on the microphone specially designed to effectively reverse direction, to reduce the impact of wind directly on the microphone greatly reduce the wind. Third, the addition of electronic filters, eliminate from the circuit design aspects of wind. Interaction of these three wind technology, effectively preventing the background noise and wind noise impact of the call, so as to achieve a more authentic and natural voice effects.

D975 also has voice prompts, prompts the user to the headset power is low, need to be recharged, mute, “to leave the reception range,” and so far the state(best bluetooth headset), so that users know that they have away from the phone, but also to some extent to avoid mobile phone theft .

D975 5 hours talk time and standby time of 7 days, on this basis, the included headset charging case can be extended 15 hours of talk time, while it can also compact Bluetooth headset that play digital products good storage and protection, key chain ring box with some more details of the embodiment. Charging box with a LCD display that can display the remaining capacity headset, charging and Bluetooth connectivity status, white backlight human design, allows users even can see in the dark letters on the screen

Plantronics Discovery Series as the flagship product, D975 shows the top art and design with cutting-edge audio technology with classic, high-end consumers, for the absolute is a wise choice. From: wholesale bluetooth headsets

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