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Life Insurance is a Plan For The Future

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

When the majority of the population begin their adult lives, one plan for the future is to gain some sort of life insurance. A person doesn’t know when their life can be taken from them, and this style of insurance is excellent for taking care of one’s final expenses.

Married couples often choose this type of insurance allowing the significant other to become the beneficiary. This means all funeral costs, and any other expenses incurred to cause a death will be paid at once.

With the charges for funerals being so high, most couples are not fortunate enough to have the cash on hand for these expenditures. When death comes, the living member of the couple may not be able to make ends meet alone. This is when life insurance plays a crucial role in helping pay for the final expenses of a loved one.

If you are a senior citizen, still working as a steel fabricator on high rise buildings, that smokes cigarettes, and drink alcohol constantly. You will probably not be able to afford life insurance. This is when the described person comes to a crossroad. Either change the lifestyle or choose another alternative to take care of those that will be left behind.

While inquiring the prices of insurance, the representative will request a recent physical be scheduled. If you have just had a physical these records will need to be provided in order to calculate a ball park quote. Also, if you have neglected to get a physical, you will benefit to know how healthy you are. The cost quotes can be adjusted either way, depending on the findings related to your health conditions.

If your lifestyle consists of knitting, cooking, reading, etc. You will be determined as a low risk lifestyle and a quote will be low. Some high risk examples include: parasailing, rattlesnake hunting, or recreational drug usage. The higher the risk, the higher the price of insurance, and vice versa.

Good habits need to be practiced to help lower a risk of death. An individual that only smokes cigarettes when socially drinking will be judged a lower risk, than a regular barfly that smokes a pack a day.

Maintaining healthy habits, makes it more affordable when selecting a life insurance policy.

While planning for the future, take all these examples into consideration. The price of a life insurance policy will lever on this information.

Graham McKenzie is the content Syndication Manager at insurance123.co.zaSouth Africa’s leading Life Insurance information portal

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