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LifeLock: What Can You Get From LifeLock

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

LifeLock is a business entity that provides protection for identity theft. It is established in the United States in 2005 and has become the leader in the industry. Identity theft has grown to be a great threat to all Americans, hence, protection services have also boomed.

It has become easier for thieves to steal personal information of somebody with the use of modern technology such as the internet. Thieves were able to apply for credit card, loans and other non-credit related transactions like wireless services, utilities and check orders and reorders. According to reports, identity theft has increased by 22% in 2008 and has affected 4.32% Americans or approximately 10 million. Total loss also account for $48 billion.

The company has features that not only monitor credit activity but also all service account applications through its Advanced LifeLock Identity Alert system. It advises its members through email, postal mail and sometime by phone anytime the system finds any identity information of its members being used. This system is proactive as it locks down information before thieves can get it.

It assures its members it would repair theft outcomes of up to $1,000,000 should they become victim of identity theft while under membership.

Registration costs $15 a month. The system also includes the following features:

* eRecon. 10,000 criminal websites is being watched for possible illegal selling of personal information.

* WalletLock. Should a wallet be lost or stolen, a representative would get in touch with the bank, credit card and other document issuing company to terminate the accounts and replace lost documents.

* TrueAddress. The company contacts its member concerning request for change of address if the request submitted does not match with various address databases nationwide.

* Free Annual Credit Report. The company requests that free annual credit reports be send to its members. It would allow the members to examine their credit transactions based on the report.

* Reduced Pre-Approved Credit Offers. The company removes its members from the mailing lists of those offering pre-approved credit.

* 24-Hour Customer Service. The company has 24-hour customer service daily to facilitate reporting by its members. The members could also access its myLifeLock website anytime.

However, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and 35 state attorneys accused LifeLock of failing to protect its customers against identity fraud and put customer data at risk. One bold promotional move that failed was when they put in one of their advertisement the social security number of Todd Davis, the founder and Chief Executive Officer, which consequently enable someone to get a loan of $500 in his name. Another controversy happened in 2008 when a credit information company accused LifeLock for alerting its customers with false credit fraud alerts.

The company was charged with $12 million to settle the lawsuits. This controversy has made the credibility of such services questionable. How can you entrust your personal information for something like this? In the end, protecting yourself from this theft should come from within. To protect you, be vigilant in safeguarding your personal relevant information.

Everyone is familiar with identity theft. That is why they try to secure lifelock just to protect them against these perpetrators. They want to feel safe and secure that these people do not touch their pertinent information like their SSS, credit cards and other vital documents. Try identity theft protection

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