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Michigan Medicare Plans From Easy Medicare Advantage

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

Michigan Medicare Advantage Plans are health plans run by private companies and approved by the federal government. These are referred to as Medicare Part C. You have to follow rules set by Medicare and this is not supplement insurance.

Medicare Advantage plans at a minimum cover all that is offered by the traditional Medicare (Parts A and B). Dental care, hearing and vision screening, prescription drug programs and other services that are normally not covered by Medicare are offered. This is something that would otherwise have to be selected under a supplement insurance policy.

When using the traditional Medicare and a Medigap policy your expense would likely be less with a Medicare Advantage plan. The same monthly premium is paid by those who are enrolled in Medicare Part B when you are in a Medicare Advantage plan.

From here on out your cost will depend on the benefits provided by the plan. Some of these plans have deductible and co-payment requirements, however, they do not require you to pay the extra premium. Medicare Advantage plans have lower deductibles and co-payments, but they may charge a premium. A Medicare Advantage plans keeps your overall costs lower.

Medicare Advantage plans offer more convenience than traditional Medicare, Medigap, and Part D coverage. By having all your health coverage under one umbrella, you dont have to worry about coordinating benefits between different plans and providers. Under a Medicare Advantage plan, all statements, bills, etc. will come from only one source. This will make your life much easier, especially if you have ongoing health issues.

Medicare Advantage plans may not meet everyones needs. When evaluating your Medicare options, however, apply the three Cs (coverage, cost, and convenience) to see whether traditional Medicare measures up to your particular needs.

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