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Micro Cap Funds – Micro Cap Investing – Investor Finder

Todays Date: December 18, 2018

Where Are All The Good Investor Finder Services? Companies raising capital whether trying to get a loan, raise equity capital with a private placement memorandum or go public on the Pink Sheets, OTCBB or any other platform has no doubt been told to find a good investor finder. Sure there are multitudes of membership databases like ‘Angel Funding Project’, one of the industry’s largest and many others but where are the ‘investor finders’ that everyone’s CPA and CFO are talking about?

I’ll tell you where, they’ve discovered how valuable their portfolio of active investors actually is and they’ve teamed up with consultants that take companies public and they provide the 40 initial investors needed to qualify for a public offering and they also help supply the capital that the consultants need in order to facilitate the ‘going public’ process. They have gone from making $2,000 here and $10,000 there, to making $100,000 here and $500,000 there by getting involved in the ultra lucrative world of pre-IPO finance and technical facilitation.

They are going from the headaches of trying to get investors interested in placing money with a goofball who doesn’t think he needs a business plan or PPM to raise capital to getting the red carpet rolled out for them at every term by investment bankers, global broker dealers and companies that desperately want to go public but are working with minimal liquidity.

Quality investor finders are becoming more and more valuable as the economy declines in some regions and remains stagnant in others. Good investor finders no longer sell their services, instead clients and strategic partners must sell them on why they should break open their contact base on their behalf. As the global economy changes, new opportunities are popping up everywhere. Investor finders are being heavily lobbied by Chinese and Indian companies who want to merge their foreign corporation with a public American entity.

Any solid consulting firm can take a company public but few have the contacts to be truly considered full service. If you are interested in taking your company public and have a solid business model, find an IR consultant and sell them on your corporate strategy and if they take you on you’ll be raising capital with lightning speed.

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