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Migraine Medication and Health Insurance: Help With Migraines Or More Pain?

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

Everyone is starting to find it harder to buy health insurance coverage for themselves. If you are looking for family coverage (which includes coverage for wife and children), the premiums are so high that you’re usually looking at more than a week’s worth of pay for their cost. As list of medical conditions that are “not covered/just barely covered” continues to increase, the other side of the list – which is what most of us consider needed health coverage – goes down. When you combine that reality with how many people are unable to pay the overpriced premiums each month, you begin to realize why many could end up being in danger of having a lot of medical conditions that could require treatment.

Migraine headaches are one such condition that have recently fallen victim to insurance constraints. In the past, migraines were not medically understood, and as a result were cared for with a multitude of pain medicine, tranquilizers and relaxants.

Other compounds, developed during the past two decades, were designed for use as migraine medicines. They were administered alone or with other medications for pain or other conditions. Recently, however, a number of compounds approved by the FDA and targeted exclusively to migraine headaches have been marketed and can be purchased by migraine sufferers. Not just in the U.S. Unfortunately, the price of these new medications far exceed the average person’s ability to pay for them. Insurance strictly limits the patient’s access to these medications by limiting quantity or coverage.

Sometimes, patients are told by their medical insurance companies that they are only allowed to obtain a certain number of capsules, which means the patients have to select which headaches require treatment, when in reality they need to be treating all of their migraines equally. When a patient has more migraines than capsules, he or she must cover any extra costs themselves, as the insurance company has already paid its limit. This extra cost is usually a great deal more than many patients can pay, and as a result, they keep on having pain even when they always make their insurance payments. Migraines can indicate more serious health concerns. Sometimes, they can trigger strokes. If a person is unable to consume their medication, a stroke could occur.

For people in that position, like a friend of mine who isn’t able to afford insurance, there’s the possibility of Medicaid. Medicaid is available providing you are willing to wade through all the paperwork, can meet the income limitations, are able to find a way of getting approval, and then you’ll have coverage for help on costs of prescriptions and seeing a doctor. If you make it through the initial requirements, you still have to stay alert because you could lose your coverage in a heartbeat for not calling Medicaid on something or not sending in a correct form or paperwork.

It’s really sad that we now have medications that have been developed, are needed, and plentiful, yet we have insurance companies are creating difficult to impossible situations for people to have access to vitally needed medications. So the question now is whether people suffering with migraines become the current victim of insurance cutbacks, or is there going to be an option for migraine sufferers to have the coverage needed to receive the medication required? Questions like these, and more, are now before the new Congress for consideration. Hopefully these answers and more with be forthcoming in the near future.

To Learn More About Various Types of Migraines and to Learn Migraine Health Insurance Options, Visit the Migraine Headache Guide at Migraines-Headaches.org.

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