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Motorcycle Insurance, the Nuts and Bolts

Todays Date: November 18, 2018

You came up with the bright idea of trading in your car for a motorcycle. It’s a smart move right? Save on gas, repairs, upkeep, and emissions, right? While you will save on all those aspects of owning a motor vehicle, you may however not save on insurance. Motorcycle insurance is very expensive unfortunately.

Motorcycle insurance covers a driver against two basic events – accident and theft. Third party insurance for motorcycles is compulsory despite most claims involving motor bikes occurring as “solo events.” This happens because the driver is usually on their own when an accident occurs and generally presents no pose of danger to third parties or other vehicles.

Compulsory insurance for motorcycles is relatively cheap. It becomes expensive when fire and theft are added into compulsory policies. You need theft coverage however insurance companies hate it. Why? Well, stealing motorcycle parts or whole motorcycles is much easier than stealing a vehicle. It’s cause for concern and you really need the added coverage.

Insurance companies are also hesitant to provide accident coverage. Motor bikes are quite dangerous in regard to accidents. Motorcycle drivers are put in danger because they do not wear a seat belt and their entire body is exposed in the open. If they collide with another force, the odds of that force being more powerful are quite high. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents usually leave the driver in critical and sometimes fatal care.

Insurance companies have no choice but to take into account these serious dangers. However they are also willing to reduce premiums by deciding how risky the driver and the bike are to society. The insurance broker will asset the driver’s age, years riding motorcycles, and size and power of the bike and engine.

The insurance company will also factor into the individual’s driving record. How many speeding tickets have you acquired? How many past accidents have you been involved in? These factors weigh in heavily on premium costs and decide how big of a risk you posses.

If the driver uses the motorcycle only as a secondary form of transportation, than expect an even lower premium. If you only plan to take the bike out on the weekends or on holidays, inform the insurance company. Insurance companies understand your desire for a motor bike and are willing to work with you to reach a satisfactory premium.

Graham McKenzie is the content Syndication Manager at insurance123.co.zaSouth Africa’s leading Motorcycle Insurance information portal

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