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Negligence Can Be Costly

Todays Date: November 17, 2018

Carelessness or negligence in legal matters especially in case of legal contract might lead one to a courtroom. Negligence in carrying out the promised services in not an acceptable manner, which was sworn in at the time of contract can be regarded as breach of contract in which the promised terms are not carried out faithfully in a responsible way. The unprofessional attitude of a party can become the cause of dragging the responsible part into legal issues.

If the party who has been victim of the careless, or negligence of another party, has the legal rights to file a case against the damage, and make the breaching party responsible for the consequences. These cases are referred as the negligence claims, or the compensation claims, which are filed against the responsible people.

The most common of all legal claims involve property, as legal transactions regarding property take place more than any other area, every year. Most of these cases are of commercial value, solely for the larger sum of money involved.

The legal term used for all buying, and selling, related to property deals, is conveyancing. Now, this profession is entirely based on trust; when the interested party contacts a real estate agent, they completely rely on the agent to buy, sell, or rent out that property. Negligence by solicitors or other legal advisors occurs in mishandling of the property, or the commercial transaction in question.

Mostly, the real estate agents take care of their clients, but there are many who are out there to take advantage of their clients. An agent can deceive the customers, and make profits because of their ignorance in many ways. Sometimes lack of legal knowledge and experience can be the source of negligence, which may later lead to trouble.

Minor mistakes like forgetfulness regarding the deadlines, or other events, typo errors in filing, drafting, and even sending the documents to a different address might be seen trivial from one end, but can become grounds for irresponsibility on the behalf of the other party and can be taken to the law court. When a company trusts a real estate agent for their property rental, they are unaware of the potential loss they might incur because of the under-estimation of the property value on behalf of the agent. This under-estimation can lead to decrease in potential income of the company, thus agent could be charged of irresponsibility in making the deal through.

Even disvaluing the total worth of the property, and its less income than expected for the client can be challenged in the court. It can be prevented by having good communication terms between you, and the agent. Even the computerised calculations must be proof read before finalising them. Both parties should show responsibility by not forgetting important events, and all the documents should be reviewed on weekly basis until the deal is done.

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