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Pet Health Insurance

Todays Date: November 21, 2018

Advancements made in medical science have granted a new lease of life to many an afflicted soul and our beloved pets haven’t been left behind. But unfortunately in some critical cases, when the pet’s life hangs in the balance, a staggering bill ranging from $ 3000 – $10000 proves a bit too much for the pet owner and the unfortunate and poignant thought of euthanizing the poor pet crosses their helpless minds.

In such dire scenarios, comes to one’s aid a pet health insurance policy which is fortunately drafted in a similar way to human health insurance. Pet owners are enticed by the benefits of such a policy as visits to the vet would be curtailed. Moreover, pet health insurance covers the high treatment costs in case a pet is admitted or is serious and spares the pet owner the anxiety and troubles of gathering huge sums of money.

A pet owner has a variety of ‘plans’ to choose from such as pet mortality insurance, major or basic medical insurance. However the names and policy terms vary from company to company as in every other insurance field. Many companies also offer a variety of additional incentives and riders to boost their basic pet health insurance plan and lure pet owners.

Similar to a human life insurance, the owner pays a periodic premium and if the need to avail money arises in case of an emergency, the owner is compensated or refunded as per the policy document. Though money can’t fill the void created by the loss of one’s pet, the insurance certainly saves the owner from the hassles and medical bills incurred at the end of the pet’s life.

Companies do check with veterinaries concerned and also require that the owner contacts them before the pet is euthanized, especially in the case of a mortality/fatality plan. It is helpful if the whole family is aware of the options and together they can decide for a right kind of insurance plan for their beloved pet.

Pet Health Insurance
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