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Public Companies Succeed Faster When Triggering the Necessary Element of Emotion

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Whether you are a small localized business or a large international corporation the need for strong publicity is a constant necessity for branding, direct marketing and lead generation. Publicists have been spoiled throughout the years by sending out pitch letters to radio shows, television news corporations and print media to put out a blurb about their client. These little blurbs usually give a minor jump in the pulse of an otherwise dead publicity campaign but the publicist feels that if they got you some coverage, they did their job, but now the game of publicity has changed.

The publicity profession has merged with the marketing agency to create a hybrid, one stop shop, ultra powerful, rapid response type of promotion now referred to as ‘Publicity Marketing’. These consultants offer a cost effective, guerilla marketing approach that includes everything a business needs in one turnkey solution. Direct response, publicity campaigns, branding and other genres of targeted promotion are offered in an all inclusive service that any business can afford.

Now as publicity marketing has carved out a major chunk of the business promotion market place it’s forcing the evolution of marketing once again with the’60’s mentality of ’emotions branding’. A good publicity marketing company will take a powerful marketing campaign and add jet fuel to the process by infusing the element of emotion to break through and grab hold of the subconscious mind where the most powerful messages are stored in the target candidate’s mind and when they are ready to buy and automatic switch is flicked on and your brand takes precedence in their mind. The most experienced publicity marketers are able to trigger the ‘buy now’ button to induce sales and this entire process revolves around piercing through the conscious, judgmental and critical part of the mind and going right to the subconscious mind to store messages to promote your brand.

These messages are stored by using multiple colors, terms, word positioning, cornering and gently bombarding the candidate with your message until your brand becomes one with your industry terms. The publicity marketer must barrage the candidate with more than just a brand name but a solution to, but not limited to their direct need for your service. It doesn’t matter if your selling widgets or motor oil, you must demonstrate how your brand will solve any issue they are currently struggling with, whether it’s a gloomy day, they’re stuck in traffic, their spouse is ignoring them, whatever, how is your brand going to pass through that critical faculty of the conscious mind and sooth their being with an overwhelming state of contentment?

More than likely your product or service can’t do this on it’s own, but a good publicity marketing company will know exactly what nerves to touch so that your brand becomes a warm blanket and a soothing cup of tea on a stormy night. Make your brand the one stop cure for the clients emotional ailment and you’ve got them!

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