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Realistic Importance of Social Security Numbers

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Many of us know what a social security number is because we have been issued by the government with our own number. But do we actually know what it really signifies? I mean, we know what it is for but do we know how important it is? I think not. Majority of us even don’t understand what the real purpose and have remained ignorant about it.

For some, it is just one of those many government programs and they couldn’t care less. Because of this, the importance of safeguarding our own SSN has not been taken seriously, or worst it has been neglected.

Social security number, in fact, is definitely not to be used as proof of identity for someone. In actuality, these numbers are actually made to symbolize a retirement account. These numbers are comparable to your own savings or checking account number at your bank.

To make things easier, these numbers represent an account and definitely not you as a person. The main purpose was to classify a retirement account and the owner is being named in the card.

Most often than not, those who are working will be asked by their supervisors for their ssn so that their payroll deductions can be right away credited to their account. But this is not what is actually happening at all. What’s happening is that employers are using it as an employee number which is not illegal but due to this, the uses of ssn has increased in an instant which has turned out to be the reason why we have an increasing number of identity thieves.

A number of ways are available for us to decrease the dissemination of our own ssn significantly. One of these ways is to simply understand and be aware of the real purpose of ssn. By doing these things, eventually, you will be satisfied and contented by the enjoyment of your ssn’s actual purpose.

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