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S1 Lawyers – Take A Franchise Public – Private Placement Memorandum – Let’s Start This Over

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Once upon a time the American Dream was simple; start a company, grow the company, create jobs and provide a better path for your children. Now the American dream is how to stay afloat, keep your house and remove the daggers that the government is ramming in the small of your back. Your congressman and governor say one thing and do another. The white house takes your tax dollars with one hand and pickpockets you for your lunch money with the other.

Activist bloggers and armchair protesters are against the system when it’s convenient but when the spotlight is off and no one is watching they golf with their senator and take quiet money from special interest groups.

The entrepreneur has been drug into the darkened alleyway, sucker punched, hogtied and left to rot by a system that uses them like a smack-head hits the pipe and as long as the media keeps quiet, the individual entrepreneur feels that they are the only ones engaged in this struggle but this is simply not the case.

The banks wanted more than your house, they wanted your tax dollars and the government gave it to them and in front of the cameras they shook hands and agreed that this ‘bailout money’ would go back into the economy to spark a resurgence in civilian confidence in a system that force-feeds poison and slices off pounds of flesh from it’s zombie citizens.

The reality is, in back room meetings and secret handshakes this money was understood to go into the pockets of corrupt institutional banks and would never make it to local and national economic relief. Knowing all of this, ask yourself, at the end of the day, who can you turn to? What politician at any level can you trust to cut you a break? The answer is simple, none. Look to your right and left and you’ll find the answer. The accredited investor and people investing in people is the only way to slow down the corruption. Of course when the government sees how unity is productive they’ll figure out a way to pollute our confidence in one another with overgeneralizations and hyphenated ethnicities and other politically correct pig Latin that means nothing but divides everyone. In that division is where the government takes hold.

Here is a revolutionary idea. Actually, it’s not so revolutionary as it is unspoken and it goes like this: Business plan + Private Placement Memorandum + Fund Raising = Take your company public. Taking your company public is the only way to take control of your truly productive and marketable product or service and the steps are simple and above. First start with a professionally authored business plan that clearly spells out your idea and sets the stage for what your company is about and the reality of what is possible. Be truthful. Be honest and the investors will come if you position yourself properly. Positioning yourself properly in the USA means setting up a structure that the government can control and in this case the minimum requirement for raising equity capital is with a regulation D rule exemption 504, 505 or 506 also referred to as a private placement memorandum (PPM) which is an SEC regulated mechanism for distributing shares in your company for investment dollars. I’m not a fan of big government but Reg D is a good idea and keeps from the wrong types of people raising capital. Regulation D keeps it clean by spelling out the potential risk factors for your company and by using a valuation it will state a solid ‘per share’ price. You simply put out a certain amount of equity for public consumption and set the share price and offer it to people by staying within the non solicitation standards set forth by the SEC and it’s that easy. After you’ve initiated your fund raising you’ll want to provide a profitable exit strategy for your investors and you’ll want a way to capitalize off of your position so your company can grow. Going public on the OTCBB (over the counter bulletin board) is a great way to expand and raise capital. Have a qualified securities attorney file your s1 and go through comments with the SEC. Have your consultant or attorney refer you to a solid market maker to sponsor your 15c211 with FINRA and wham-bam you have a trading symbol and you’re public. Now just file your 10k’s and 10Q’s throw in some solid publicity and investor relations and you’re off and running. Stepping outside the system and getting organized will take you places you’ve never dreamed possible. Get out there! You can do it.

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