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Safeguarding Your Social Security Number

Todays Date: November 19, 2018

Social security numbers are very important in a persons day to day activity. It is a requirement in applying for credit cards and for a job. So we always have to make sure that our ssn is always protected.

Protecting our ssn is important and there are many things that we can do to achieve this. Depositing it in the bank is one, putting it in a secure vault inside our house is also one. It sounds extensive but it is worth it to make sure that our ssn does not land to unsafe hands. But how doe we actually measure the security of our ssn?

Safeguarding our ssn not to be stolen by someone else is not as easy at it looks. It needs your full time consideration and focus if not you will just lose it without you knowing it.

Many persons are just looking for opportunities to get a hold of your social security number so you have to make sure you dont give them that. It is also important to be conscious on how your social security number is being used and shared on a daily basis.

What can you do to avoid being defrauded? You have to understand the purpose of your social security number in the first place and make sure you are aware when to give and when not to give out your social security number. There are many memberships or clubs that require you to fill out an application form and asks for your social security number, but always remember that it is your option to give it or not, as long as you provide them with another valid ID. If you have a drivers license, you also have the option of not having your ssn printed on your ID.

Safeguarding your social security number requires extensive effort as what was pointed earlier. Understanding and awareness are key elements to avoid negative situations. Always bear in mind that ignorance to the law is never an excuse.

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