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Samsung Said the Galaxy Tab is the Same Excellent with iPad

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

Samsung’s product planning team director of mobile division WPWong said at a press conference at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin, Germany (hereinafter referred to as IFA), Galaxy Tab is not worse than the iPad, in some ways even stronger. The product is equipped with front and rear camera, camera and video chat. Its weight is only 380 grams, rather than the 3G version of the iPad weighing 680 g, 3G version was 730 grams.

He said: “Some people think that weight does not matter, but according to consumer research, we found that the weight of the user experience is critical.” The product will be the end of September or early October on sale in Europe before the end of landing the United States.

Samsung consumer electronics products in the field of experience, Galaxy Tab’s memory, screen and processor are grown. But outside that, you want to replace the iPad very difficult.In August, research firm iSuppli said, 2011 Apple iPad will rarely uncontested, and the company’s Tablet PC market leader at least until 2012.

However, Android phone and iPhone competition, that even if this phone cannot shake the Apple operating system’s leadership, still a showdown with iOS devices. Although the number of games of the Android system is less than iOS, but its application is also very rich. Samsung said (samsung phone accessories), Galaxy Tab to support Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1, which allows users to play more web games (cool cell phones).

However, Apple often relies on a more powerful personality features beat the competition. It is not clear that Galaxy Tab and other installation Android, WebOS, or Windows 7 Tablet PC user experience can achieve the same high degree with the iPad. iSuppli analyst Rhoda Alexander said: “Apple hardware, software, operating systems and applications together to make our products outstanding.”from: nokia phone accessories

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