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Save on Life Insurance Premiums: Go Vegetarian

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Vegetarians are rare, vegetarians have fewer options in food, vegetarians are healthy, vegetarians get cheaper insurance. You heard that right. Insurance companies are now coming to terms with the fact that vegetarians have more life expectancy and are less prone to chronic diseases, heart problems and are also more resistant to cancer.

Life insurance premiums are calculated based on several factors. Basically, they use mortality tables to deduce the premium as well as tax free death benefit. The factors are mainly your family medical history and some lifestyle habits. Most companies consider your driving records, addiction levels to smoking and alcohol, the place of living, etc. Even the traffic levels and crime rate of the place you live and work are considered sometimes. But it is quite recently that eating habits are added to the long list and rightly so. Overeating and obesity shows in your medical records, but the fact that you could be a vegetarian doesn’t.

You might be wondering, what’s the big deal about being a vegetarian anyway? It is a huge deal because the life expectancy of vegetarians is much higher than meat eaters. And the reason is quite simple. Vegetarian food doesn’t have some of the harmful ingredients and fatty acids that meat does. The digestion of vegetarian food is also quite simple and doesn’t need our body to produce harmful acids to break the compounds. Scientists claim that the risk of a vegetarian contracting cancer is 40% lesser than the non-vegetarians. Also, the risk of heart disease is reduced by 30% on an average for any vegetarian. Healthy diet choices play an important role in the body’s overall health and should not be ignored by insurance companies.

All companies do not consider this variable in calculating premiums, however. The reason is that, the medical tests a person needs to undergo while procuring insurance doesn’t show whether he/she is a vegetarian or not. Smokers can be identified through the GP levels in the body and a comprehensive result can be obtained about alcohol consumption. Also, since insurance covers a long time in a person’s life, there is no way to determine his food choices throughout the period. But, some argue that unlike other addictions, a person once a vegetarian will remain a vegetarian. There are some animal loving corporations that introduced policies with up to 6% discounts for vegetarians! So…eat your veggies and save not just on food, but on insurance too!

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