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Smoking Ills And Perils On Workplace Health

Todays Date: November 12, 2018

Workplace health is more and more becoming a central issue among the public and private sectors of society. Because the majority of men and women are at work a whopping one third of their lives, health programs are easily the way to go in decreasing healthcare costs of the country. Aside from this, having health related programs at work improves overall employee health thereby improving productivity and increasing company bottom line.

It?s amazing how workplace health is able to influence majority of the population into being more health conscious and health smart. Employees at work are taught and pass down good health practices to their family and friends, who then pass it on to others. The key to solving any healthcare woes, starts with company and government working together.

This article takes a closer inspection of a few of the top workplace health programs currently being implemented around the world. Common programs such as breast cancer and cervical cancer for women employees, zero tolerance no smoking programs and diet and nutrition programs implemented via canteens and vending machines. At the end, one can see that these programs can be implemented in any workplace.

It is very important to create employee awareness to AIDS at work, because sex is so much a part of human lives. Employees need to know about the dangers of AIDS, the ways of transmitting it and why safe sex is best. With workplace health programs that address these issues, AIDS can be eliminated in the future.

Since more and more women are now present in the workforce, having certain workplace health practices aimed specifically for women are advised. Among these is educating employees about breast cancer, as breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. Creating breast cancer awareness is a good thing, but giving free mammography screening is better as it helps women employee detect breast cancer early on.

Cervical cancer is very common among women, and companies should place it high in their agenda to create awareness regarding it. Companies should promote and encourage women employees to take cervical cancer vaccines and even go as far as bearing some of the costs of administering the vaccine. Beyond vaccines, workplace health programs in place should continue to educate and update women on future developments of cervical cancer.

While smoking continues to kill people, the majority of smokers continue to smoke. Because of the stress in the office and how smoking is equated to relieving stress, there is actually more smoking done at work than at other places. While smoking may or may not help relieve stress, it is important to understand that smoking does not help or contribute positively to workplace health.

It is not at all surprising that workplace health practices sites food, diet and nutrition as key elements in making anyone healthy. When we eat healthy, we feel healthy and better period. If the company has no canteen or have no way of implementing strict healthy food guidelines, they can always install vending machines to dispense healthy snacks like fruits or fresh juices.

Workplace health concerns are wide and varied, and cannot be studied in one sitting. This article hopes that a joining of efforts between staff and management can produce a workplace that is safe and health risk free. It is definitely possible for the world?s healthcare problems to be solved by this decade.

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