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Surveillance Cameras should monitor 50 Meters

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

Yesterday morning, reporters informed from the city’s unit internal security working meeting that my insurance job achieve the goals major cases zero occurs, Group of die group of injury security disasters and accidents zero occur, Bad influence masses event zero occur last year. Police asked all units to increase television monitoring efforts to ensure the image within 50 meters in front of the unit is clear this year.

It is understood that this Changsha Public Security Ministry further supervise the implementation of the city’s more than 2500 units of public security key units to further promote the anti-technology facilities, popular in the city 110 network alarm system unit, install the TV monitoring system, TV monitoring systems focus on units installed 100% 110 100% installed alarm system, remote monitoring and self-service bank 100% realization of the Internal video surveillance system and public security organs monitor the network’s “seamless.” Some of the key units for the video surveillance system aging cannot afford the monitoring responsibility (counter surveillance equipment). Police would urge the relevant units, to increase the intensity of internal and external TV monitor and related facilities construction, to ensure control within 50 meters in front of the image control, visual and clear.

Reporters also learned from the conference, “Security Services Regulations” was officially implemented on January 1 this year. Municipal Public Security Bureau provides this protection units within the city must follow the regulations, to strengthen the security guards meet the political, security guards, each household must review the local police station, confirmed that no criminal record before the official certificates. All security will be established for each file, and the national security services management information network system network.

Municipal Public Security Bureau party secretary Li Jiede said that the city’s various internal units effectively implement the legal representative of the internal responsibility system for security work (spy camera for home), step by step signing of the responsibility, so that “certain posts, fix duty, responsibility.” There are significant security risks, or result in extraordinarily serious case (incident) cases of internal units, public security organs according to the “no spared prominent reasons until find out, no spared responsibility until look into, no hidden rectification until left off” principle, investigated the responsibility of unit major persons-in-charge, when necessary, implement “yellow card” and “One ticket veto.”from: audio surveillance equipment

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