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Take Your Company Public: You Need Strategic Alliances

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

When an investor is looking at your business they are obviously looking for the basics: an executive team that has worked with other companies in your industry at the exact stage you are at now with a solid track record of success, an active advisory board that is eager to help and has a solid comprehension of your industry, a board of directors that acts as your company’s strategic think tank and action center where the tough issues get dealt with and questions get answered. Investors also want to see that you are in a growth industry and that all involved have the discipline to step out of the emotional ups and downs of a start up or company seeking capital and look at the business objectively.

All this said, the one aspect to creating a salivating group of investors is your massive and powerful strategic partner database. These partners are able to enhance your company is ways of distribution, sales, contracts, legal, tax etc. The partners that you team up with are often build off of and initiated by the rapport of your executive staff, board of advisers and board of directors. Your corporate attorney and accountant should also contribute heavily to helping you build strategic alliances with like-minded companies in their client base. These companies that you are teaming up with allow for rapid expansion and optimal eye candy for people that are interested in placing capital with your company. Having some big names in your corner with the label ‘strategic partner’ just sweetens the pot. Companies thrive and dive on relationships.

If you are considering raising capital with a Regulation D exemption like 504, 505 or 506 (also referred to as a Private Placement Memorandum) chances are, your company will be funded by angel investors, private investors and other private equity money sources. Having a powerful partnership base is like adding a blanket and warm milk to your business plan and PPM when handing if off to the investor, it’s soothing and comforting to see that you’re not alone but you have some big names helping you on the road to success.

Are you thinking about taking your business public? The same thing goes. The public wants to see that you are in bed with big names who can step in and help your company out of a tight spot and that you can co-op advertisements and promotional campaigns together.

Raising capital is easier when you are moving forward with establish partnerships to ease the weight of the load and stress that comes with a growing company.

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