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The advantages of dynamic IP

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

For most Internet dial-up users, Internet time and space due to its discrete nature, each user is assigned a fixed IP address is not desirable, which will cause a great waste of IP address resources. A, B, C three types of IP in the historical and technical reasons, the first two categories is almost exhausted, so the IP resources was very nervous. Rational use of resources in order to reduce waste, the user will usually dial the ISP at each host, automatically get a dynamic IP address that the ISP’s network ID and host application ID, valid range of an address.

DNS is the IP exists, what kind of IP will have a corresponding DNS. Gave birth to a dynamic IP dynamic DNS, DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Server) DDNS is an abbreviation! DDNS is the user’s dynamic IP address is mapped to a fixed domain name resolution services, each time a user connect to the network when the client program through the transmission of information to the host’s dynamic IP address sent to service providers located on the host server program, service control is responsible for providing dynamic DNS service and domain name resolution.

Dynamic Domain Name Service object IP is dynamic, changes. Common DNS are based on static IP, there may be many or many to many, but the IP is fixed to one or more. However, DDNS IP is changing, random. There are many differences with the DNS, the applications will be what advantage?

For unattended or inconvenient to plug the router’s situation, but also video surveillance cameras can be integrated DDNS network also apply DDNS service to get the username and password fill in the relevant items, such as through an ADSL broadband line directly connected. Remote monitoring through terminal domain could direct access.

Either within the LAN PC or server running the DDNS client, then the domain name resolves to the IP address of the exit of the public LAN gateway IP address (cctv security equipment), then port mapping at the gateway point for the monitoring equipment can be.

Integrated DDNS on the main role is to capture the user’s IP address changes each time, then with the corresponding domain name, so that other Internet users can communicate with the user through the domain name (safe home security). DDNS can also help in our own home building company or a virtual host! from: security officer equipment

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