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The History Behind Car Insurance & The Protection It Provides

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Being one of the most popular and most sought after insurances in the world, car insurance is definitely one of the most talked about insurance policies as well. Be it the Us, Europe or Asia, it is mandatory by law, for people driving cars on public roads to own car insurance.

According to the history books, the very first documented proof of car insurance (in fact,vehicular insurance) can be found in ancient China. During the times when the west had started establishing trade colonies all along the Chinese border, instances of cargo ships being hijacked or lost were reported to be on a rise.

British traders had established a number of trade colonies in coastal Chinese regions and a lot of cargo was transferred on ships, to and from this coast into the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. At times, these ships went berserk and lost track and some were even looted. It was after these incidents that they traders and investors of that era brought forward the idea of marine insurance, thus giving birth to an all new class of insurance policies.

During the time when various car insurance policies were being drafted, policy makers from all over the world felt that driving a car was not a luxury, since the car owner not only put himself at risk when driving on roads (which are public properties by law), but also third parties who are using the roads for their own reasons. Thus, the policy makers from all over the world started pushing forward laws to make car insurance mandatory for car owners.

While car insurance policies in the US can be traced back to the early 19th century, he first law, making car insurance policy mandatory for people owning cars and driving them on public roads, came into effect in 1927 in Massachusetts. Right after this law was passed, its acceptance was widespread, not only in the US, but also In the rest of the developed and developing world. With the number of cars (and consequently, the number of accidents) on the rise, such laws have been welcomed with open arms all over the world.

Dr. Truman J martin, is said to be the father of car insurance policies in the US. His policy, written in 1898, was the first policy offering liability cover in the United States. This was, however, not the first time that an insurance policy offering liability cover had been rolled out. Three years before Truman had drafted his policy, an insurance company in England had already rolled out a car insurance policy offering liability cover, in 1895.

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