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The Imperial Palace of the stolen 4 ancient seals is robbed does not found until now

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

The Han Jilin’s matter also in processing, a night of thunderstorms cross, Zhang zhongpei received report: East line of the Imperial Palace of jade exhibition in progress of houses on fire. Within five minutes, the Forbidden City was surrounded, fire brigade came in. Zhang zhongpei step up the rescue of the exhibits inside, jade was being unable to burn. Although the fire was put out, but in the face of the archaeologist, the master, a Ming dynasty thus the building was burned down. “My understanding to penetrate, think fire should be in front of the burglar. Stolen, at least things are again assumed office less than two months in the event of thieves “was also mixed with the identity of the National Palace Museum to tourists, is the people of Xinjiang, it seems to be hiding under a tree outside the Hall, out of action after dark, was the camera monitor. “Zhang recalled. Palace has had a rigorous monitoring system (cctv security equipment), which at the time, many people do not know.

After a lesson from the last two, the defense of the Imperial Palace has strengthened, the thief didn’t rise, pushing just trying to push the door of the Hall of Mental Cultivation, were arrested on the spot by staff. According to media reports, the thief called Xiang Deqiang, from Xinjiang Karamay oil fields, was just over 20 years old. To her 5 years older and a woman together, he determined to ill-gotten gains. 3 days Xiang Deqiang strand in zhenbaoguan Hall of Mental Cultivation, the Qianlong emperor used a dagger on display, on a dagger inlaid with gold and emeralds (safe home security). After 3 months, that is, on October 23, 1987, Xiang Deqiang received a judgement from the Beijing intermediate people’s Court; he was sentenced to life imprisonment.from: security officer equipment

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