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The Many Advantages Of Pay As You Drive Insurance

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Insurance companies usually price auto insurance policies on factors such as the driver’s gender, age, driving record, and place of residence. Pay As You Drive insurance, however, is very different, being based on the number of miles you drive. The fewer miles you drive, the less you pay.

One advantage of Pay As You Drive insurance is the cost. Since the premiums are linked to how much the driver uses their vehicle, it is easy to reduce costs. Simply reduce the amount of driving you do. Not only will you save money on your insurance costs, you will also save on gas and auto maintenance and repair. Less driving also means less wear and tear on your vehicle, which means you will be able to keep your vehicle long after you make that last car payment. With the cost of new and used vehicles soaring, this is a particularly attractive incentive.

Another advantage to Pay As You Drive insurance is you can specifically tailor your insurance program to meet your driving needs. Premiums under Pay As You Drive insurance are determined either within a specific range of miles, by the total number of miles driven or by the number of hours driven. A driver can elect to have a Pay As You Drive insurance program that focuses on a specific time period, such as six months, or the driver can simply choose to focus on the total number of miles driven. Pay As You Drive insurance gives drivers plenty of freedom and flexibility when it comes to designing an insurance program that works for them.

Because Pay As You Drive incentivizes driving less, it makes it less likely you will get yourself into an accident. Low-mileage drivers are usually more focused and careful behind the wheel, too.

Mileage monitoring is required with Pay As You Drive insurance, but there are plenty of options for drivers. You can have certified odometer readings, much like you do when you have your vehicle’s safety inspection. Or you can have a GPS based monitor installed in your vehicle, or you can simply have the computer data uploaded from your vehicle. Since only periodic mileage readings are needed to track the mileage for Pay As You Drive insurance, the cost associated with mileage monitoring will most likely be offset by the money you save in insurance premiums.

The Brookings Institution reported that two in three US households would save with Pay As You Drive, an average of $270 a year. In the current economic downturn, that is terrific news.

Not only does Pay As You Drive insurance save you money, it also helps protect the environment. Fewer vehicles on the roads mean a reduction in auto emissions. Reduced traffic also means less congestion and traffic jams, which means less time wasted in the car.

There are plenty of advantages for Pay As You Drive insurance. Contact a qualified insurance provider for more detailed information on an insurance plan that best suits your driving needs.

Tom Martens is the content syndication coordinator for Carinsurancesa.co.za. South Arica?s leading car insurance portal.

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