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The Simple Renters Insurance Policy

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Whether you live on the top of the sky overlooking the park or in a home rented from a friend you need to have your own renters insurance policy. Renters insurance is the only way that you get to make sure that your financial situation is covered should the worst disasters strike.

Your landlord carries insurance on the building you live in. Whether you are in a single family home, a duplex, or a high rise apartment building your landlord makes sure that the building is covered in the event that there is a weather anomaly or a fire. Any kind of destruction that the property suffers is covered under your landlord’s insurance.

Your property is a different story. No matter what kind of coverage your landlord carries there is no way to recoup the losses that you can suffer from the damage caused to the building and the items in it. Whether that damage is caused by human or natural forces, if you want to be able to replace everything from your clothes to your computers you really need to carry renters insurance.

Many people mistakenly believe that they will be able to file a claim under their landlord’s insurance if there is a fire from faulty wiring, damage from a natural event, or even damage caused by an outraged citizen. They believe this because it’s no necessarily untrue, but it is also not necessarily true, either.

If you lost everything in your rented property today, how much do you think it would cost to replace it? Think about everything from the expensive electronics to the collection of three dollar spatulas and coffee cups that you would have to buy once again. Think about the appliances that you own as well as the furnishings.

Can you afford to be without renters insurance? Most of us can’t and yet so many of us take the risk because we know that this is the one insurance policy that is not as likely to see a claim as other insurance policies. So what? If you don’t carry a good policy you may very well find that you will not be able to replace even the simple items that bring your comfort and joy.

The whole point of renters insurance is to keep you protected from the loss of everything. Since you do not have a claim in the investment value of the property, you should at least be able to replace your possessions should you lose everything through a terrible act of destruction.

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