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Transactions Requiring Social Security Numbers

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Many transactions or applications require you to give out your social security number. The only problem is to know whether you are dealing with a legitimate person or not.

Your social security number can be used for other different business transactions. But the fact remains that many people are taking advantage of this scenario and they use your social security number for fraudulent acts.

Applying for a postpaid plan for a mobile phone is an example of a transaction that the person in charge asks for our ssn. This kind of transaction requires the one who subscribes to pay a certain amount every month and usually, a contract is involved – 1 year or 2 years perhaps depending on the dealings. This transaction usually happens over the phone where in an individual will receive a phone call, more commonly known as a telemarketing call, asking them to sign up for a postpaid plan.

The call flow starts with a sales pitch that the telemarketer uses to lure you to sign up with the plan that he is offering you. And if you agree to do it, the telemarketer will ask for pieces of personal information like your full name, contact numbers, address and they often ask for two valid IDs, primary and secondary. Routinely, they only accept social security number as your primary identification and for secondary ID they give you options like driver’s license, company ID and others.

How will we find out whether we are dealing with a legitimate individual who is on the other line? How will we know that he is not one of those corrupt individuals who are just waiting to take advantage of those unsuspecting persons? Keep in mind that it’s your right to say no if they ask for your social security number. But if you are really fascinated with the offer, then you can ask them to call you back so you can check whether they are legit or not.

Many of us are actually not aware about this but if you try to look at your social security card, you can find a toll free number that was created for persons to call in case they need assistance about ssn. If you are having a dilemma about your ssn, all you have to do is call the number and operators are ready to give you assistance.

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