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Travel Health Insurance Review

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

The USAway International Major Medical insurance plan is especially ideal for short overseas trips of U.S. residents. The minimum deductible is $250 and the maximum deductible, $2,500. The plan maximum benefit is/benefit tops at $5 million.

Highlights of the plan include nursing and home health care expense coverage, a common accident clause, coverage for return home due to an emergency, accidental death benefit, and home coverage for incidental visits to the United States. Additional benefits which can be purchased with travel medical insurance, include hazardous sports coverage, coverage for acts of war, frequent traveler coverage, and waiver of Cardiac and Cancer Limitations.

Some special benefits of the plan include coverage for home health care and transport back to the United States in case of an emergency medical condition. Any medical injury sustained as a result of a terrorist attack is also covered in the travel insurance online plan. The medical benefits of the plan include the most common ones: inpatient, outpatient, consulting, nursing, ambulance, and prescription drug charges.

Cardiac and cancer-related conditions do not receive maximum benefit under the USAway international insurance plan. They are limited to either $25,000 or the cost of stabilizing the medical condition of the plan holder and subsequently, returning to the United States. On payment of an additional premium, this exclusion can be waived.

In the unfortunate event of death, the trip cancellation insurance Plan allows for repatriation of the remains home. Accidental death is also insured for $25,000, with double benefits in case of travel in a common carrier. If several covered family members sustain injuries in the same accident, only one deductible and co-insurance will be applied.

USAway international insurance covers lost baggage, and trip cancellation due to personal tragedy or if a natural catastrophe damages the home of the insured. The plan also covers emergency returns home, and incidental trips to the United States during the plan period.

Additional options in the USAway major medical insurance plan include hazardous sports and acts of war. A special feature that is geared toward business travelers-the frequent traveler option-does not require continuous international travel and instead, covers the plan holder for a predetermined number of days in 12 months.

The travel health insurance Plan can be purchased for up to 12 months, with no possibility of extension after 12 months. The plan’s underwriter is Peterson International Underwriters

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