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The terrible hatred for sky rats!

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Get rid of Pigeons

Pigeons are those monsters that everyone despises. Close to every man, woman and child regularly search for novel ways of trying to get rid of pigeons. Infact these birds are hated to the extent that people even look at killing the pigeons, as long as the same is not illegal in their country. This hatred of pigeons is not limited to single country but is on a worldwide scare and people all over the world look at options for getting rid of these birds.
There are certain people who hate these birds to the extent that they have renamed the pigeon to a sky rat and a monster with wings. The same is rather surprising because there was a time when these birds used to be much loved. Classes of them also called homing pigeons were often used as messengers, at a time when sending messages by phone wasn’t safe or phones were not available. For example for the military fighting in the middle of nowhere with no phones or satellite connections, the pigeons use to be a boon. Messages were tied to the feet of a pigeon and they would generally return with a reply. The same also suited the military because, unless these birds were shot down, the messages couldn’t be read.
But then everything that is good can have its own bad and negative points as well. And this is probably why pigeons are hated. These pesky little sky rats make everything and everybody their poop targets. Imagine this that you get up really early morning, drag yourself out of bed and somehow manage to get your sports shoes on. You open the door expecting to be greeted by the smell of dew on grass and the early morning fresh air and what actually comes to you is an acidic and ammoniac smell. That is when you feel like screaming because you see that the entire road and your favorite red car are littered with pigeon poop and because of the dew, the whole walkway is all slimy and slippery and terribly smelly.
Don’t you feel like taking a gun and going out to kill the pigeons just there and then? Don’t you wish there was a safe and easy way to get rid of the pesky poop monsters? Well at the moment the ways aren’t entirely visible. The London mayor is also fighting a legal battle to defend his ban on feeding pigeons in Trafalgar square. In his own way he is also trying to get rid of pigeons because they poop on everything in Trafalgar square and make it very difficult for the elderly to be able to walk safely.
The unfortunate thing is, no matter how much these birds are hated, it is illegal to kill them in many countries, and politicians refuse to relent, and thus, people are looking at humane ways on how to get rid of pigeons.

Sansarsnv says pigeons are most hated birds but still don’t kill pigeons just get rid of pigeons. To know about how to get rid of pigeons just visit http://www.pigeonfree.com/

How to get rid of Pigeons

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