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Trusted ID: A Leader In Identification Security

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Trusted ID has been leading in the identity theft protection industry since its inception way back in 2005. It is highly acknowledged in their field becoming just one of the two companies recognized by the Identity Theft Resource Center, an association devoted to defense against identity theft. Its team has highly experienced and knowledgeable persons in the identity and credit security industry.

At present, it offers two excellent products, the IDFreeze and Data Breach Response Service. IDfreeze provides security against identity theft or suitable assistance if such theft has already taken place. The next product which is Data Breach Response Service is more inclined towards businesses, helping them in keeping essential information or salvaging them if in case they are taken.

Fraud Alert Reminder. Trusted ID features a fraud alert reminder which enables you to place your credit report on alert if you are open to fraud so that you may be reached whenever a credit wants to be issued in your name. This makes it tricky for others to acquire credit by using your name and without your approval.

Second, it has what is referred to as an identity threat score which estimates your weakness to fraud and identity theft. It uses advanced technology to find out if you most probably will be or have in actuality become a prey for fraud or identity theft.

Protection Against Unwanted Offers. It is also very efficient in shielding against spam: a feature which is very much helpful. A lot of times, credit card companies can browse through your credit reports and then this would allow them to send you offer or promos as regards their company services. This service can eradicate of this problem by removing your private information from the list of the solicitors while simultaneously preventing other parties from obtaining access to your confidential information.

Perhaps what would make you feel very confident is that it provides a warranty worth up to one million dollars if in case you have been subjected to identity theft during the course of the service. This is sufficient enough to cover expenses to help you bounce back and start all over again. Salaries which have been lost may also be recovered up to the extent of five thousand dollars or four weeks worth of wages.

It also offers a family plan which can secure every member of your family for a very affordable rate. This is best for big families as it is much cost saving especially when there are many family members who require identity and credit security.

It also provides a service known as Credit Lock which enables you to put your credit on hold so that nobody can make use of it. This is of great use especially when other persons have already obtained your very important credit information. The only way you can reopen it is to contact the company itself. It also has outstanding customer service available any time of the day. It has very competent and committed staff which is always ready to provide professional assistance to customers.

Get it now! You can avail of its services for a special discount as well as a variety of payment methods to choose from that may be suitable to your finances. Trusted ID is the best company which can give you the security that you need. Over nine million people every year will be subjected to identity theft do not become a statistic and defend yourself now!

Trusted ID has gone rampant these days and you never know who’s going to be the next victim. To prepare yourself from this unscrupulous crime, you should try identity theft insurance to keep your peace of mind. Or you may want to try lifelock.

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