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Uncovering A Few Window Cleaning Secrets Of The Trade For Spotless Windows

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Cleaning windows is probably one of the jobs that most people avoid doing until they absolutely must do it. The thought of all those streaks and smudges showing up even after hours of hard word discourages even the most fanatic housekeeper, especially one that dreams of shiny, sparkly windows to show off. With these window cleaning secrets of the trade, spotless windows may only be a squeegee away.

Just like cleaning the rest of your home, windows need special attention, techniques and tools. Grabbing a bottle of a brand name cleaner and a roll of paper towels may be good for cleaning up the mirrors in your home, but when it comes to windows it is going to take a bit more than that.

Professionals all use tools of the trade to get the job done quickly and right and the main tool is the squeegee. You never see a window washer without one and you shouldn’t be without one either. A scrubbing wand is good if you have tall windows that are hard to reach. Cleaning towels are also a big plus to have on hand. Washing a store bought cleaning towel several times to remove as much lint and fuzz as possible is one tip that professionals use.

There are many products on the market that guarantee no streaks and to make your window sparkle, but most people still opt to make their own cleaning product. Using soft water instead of hard will eliminate the buildup of minerals on the window that are hard to remove. A dish soap added to the water saves in cost, as these go a long way as only a little is really needed. Vinegar is good for removing hard water minerals that builds up, if diluted with water, but most advise against using this in your cleaning solution. Vinegar and ammonia can evaporate your solution quickly and they can also dry and crack any rubber sealants they come in contact with.

When you first start using a squeegee, you’ll want to practice as much as you can to get the technique down. Don’t try to just jump in swinging it all around to what you think it should be, you want to start with the edges. A back and forth motion, then an up and down rhythm is how you’ll get the best results, wiping the edges down at the same time. After that is done, go to the top, with your squeegee angled slightly, moving from one side to the other, working your way down to the bottom.

Working fast and keeping the squeegee dry as you work will prevent streaks and smudges. You also want to try to clean the windows early in the day, before the sun comes out to make it impossible to work. Perfect windows require a lot of water and if the sun is shining on them, they will dry faster than you can work.

After using these window cleaning secrets of the trade, you may find yourself rather looking forward to spring cleaning. As you get better and faster at it, your windows will sparkle and be the talk of the neighborhood, maybe bringing pleas of help from friends and family who are still streaking their windows no matter what they do

We are glad window cleaners exist! We hired a good window cleaning service to clean our windows in our two story home and must say that they did a great job! Would you like to use that same business?

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