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Universal Life Insurance Guide

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

Universal life insurance is insurance with convenience of i.e. flexible premium, manageable benefit life insurance policy that accumulates account value. Universal life insurance is an improvement over the ordinary form of life insurance in terms of flexibility. The universal life insurance provides you a cash-in-value but you can make timely withdrawal from your gathered fund.

Universal life insurance is popular amongst people for it allows the policyholder to decide the on premium and benefit whereas the other kinds of policies do not let the policyholder to get the benefits from the life insurance fund till the time of death. Buying a universal life insurance can also protect your loved ones against financial problems that may occur after the insurer dies.

The universal life insurance functions like a high interest bank account because the insurance company puts your premium into an account after deducting nominal charges. The amount so accumulated gets an interest that is also added in the account. The interests are adjusted monthly and not annually. With every premium payment made the accumulation of money in the fund augments. Also the compound interest is earned on the account every month. In universal life insurance withdrawals can be made from cash surrender value. Each withdrawal must be at least $500. You are permitted to withdraw four times in a year. The amount that you withdraw is deducted from the Account Value and the death benefit. While you withdraw or surrender from your account value, you might have to pay surrender charges. The cash surrender value is the Account Value minus any surrender charges and any outstanding loans.

In order to have maximum benefit of the policy the policyholder should avoid repeated withdrawals from his accumulated fund. Withdrawal of money time and again will result in fewer benefits at the time of actual need. Moreover there will occur futility in the years of premium payment if the accumulated fund is just a part of the intended original benefit amount to be considered.

However there is a dark side too to universal life insurance. The problem stems due to the interest rate assumption used by carrier proving to be wrong and consequently in the bad performance of the policy. The policy premiums increase if the returns are not earned that often results in inability to payoff and so the cancellation of the policy. For instance numerous universal life insurance policies were surrendered or cancelled from 1970 to 1980.

But over the years the insurance companies have lowered the rates rendering initial assumptions invalid. It then became the choice of the policyholder to make up for the difference through higher premiums. So despite of purchasing a permanent insurance scheme the policyholders are burdened with rising premiums.

So if you want to save the trouble of increasing premiums, buying a whole life insurance policy is the best idea. Universal life insurance is good if you look want to pay less in present moment but keep it in mind that you might have pay more later if the interest rates do not fluctuate as you expected.

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