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Universally Covered Through Balanced Shares

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

Healthcare is one of the basic rights that the constitution mandates to the citizens of a country. Even if the health sector appears to be behind the other dominant sectors like education and national security, it is still a sector that the government must exert effort on. Programs on health among many countries are usually bombarded with criticisms on corruption and other anomalous accusations. But among the richest countries of the world, the United States of America seems to be one which is most lagging in the health sector programs. Among the many problems of the American health sector the absence of a universal insurance program on health seems to be the most expressed one.

Before engaging further in any discussions on the importance of a universal insurance for the health sector, one must first understand the real definition of a universal insurance. Universal healthcare or universal health coverage is considered to be the most welfare inclined insurance system that is practiced today. Many developed countries have adapted this insurance system because it empowers the citizens of a specific geographical territory to enjoy the benefits of a universal insurance. Every citizen of the territory is entitled to basic health and medical services. Their entitlement cannot be denied as long as they belong in the legal citizenry of the geographical territory.

Confusions have arisen from the concepts of socialize insurance system, single payer system, and universal insurance system. Although they appear to e closely related in terms of the principles and concepts that they are built upon, they are entirely different. Universal health insurance is considered to be the most welfare inclined insurance system not because it gives out free insurance policies or the lowest premium rates. It is welfare inclined simply because it assures that every member of the community has his or her insurance policy. Universal health plan insurance usually uses the public and private sectors combinations to maintain a reliable fund for health and medical needs.

Germany, Netherlands, and Singapore are among the pioneers of universal insurance on health and medical expenses. Singapore was able to establish longer life expectancies and lesser infant mortality rates because of their reliable universal coverage.

Many countries are now moving away from the single payer insurance scheme and are now moving towards a universal insurance system. This move is gaining popularity because of one major fault of single payer insurance scheme. A single payer system is where a single entity pays for the insurance of everyone. History proves that a single failure in the single entity that pays for the insurance of everyone will result to a complete downfall of the whole system.

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