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Van Insurance – What Policies Are Available?

Todays Date: December 19, 2018

Van insurance is a must-have if you own one or more vans that you use for your business. It is not legal to drive your van if it is not insured. Plus, if you drive your van without insurance, every day problems collisions, theft, accidents and other minor emergencies can be financially devastating to your business. There are many options for insuring your van or vans.

Transit Van Insurance – If you use your van to get from one place to another for reasons other than business, you should look into Transit Van Insurance. This style of insurance will cover your van for non business use. So if you have to take items from one location and drop them off at another place, you are covered. If you search for this type of insurance on the Internet, it is likely you will find some excellent discounts. In most cases you could receive a 10% to 20% discount when purchasing insurance online. A great choice when every dollar counts and you need good coverage.

Short Term Van Insurance – For businesses that do not continually use their van for work, this insurance option has the potential to drastically save a company on its insurance costs. The owner does not pay for round-the-year use of the van, since it is only put in service for certain jobs. If you are one of the businesses that use their vans only on an as-needed basis, consider short term van insurance. It will still provide the adequate coverage needed, while saving an incredibly amount on your van insurance.

Courier Van Insurance: If your company is in the business of delivering packages for other people or businesses, courier van insurance could be the option for your company. With courier van insurance, you are not insuring just your van, but, the goods inside it as well. In the event of an accident or theft, you are protected if the packages in your van are damaged or lost. Courier van insurance not only gives you peace of mind, but it will also mean that you customers will have more faith in you, as you are taking extra steps to protect their items.

Fleet Van Insurance – Do you have an entire fleet of vans? If this is you, take a closer look into Fleet Van Insurance. Insuring one van at a time is not very cost effective. With Fleet Van Insurance, your entire fleet of vans are covered, saving you a ton of money. Do a search for fleet van insurance and compare coverage and policy fees. Make sure you get the one that covers the best for the best price.

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