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What Are The Types Of Health Insurance Plans Available?

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

Health insurance is not just a very useful thing to have; it is a basic necessity for all. In fact there are a lot of countries where health insurance is compulsory. And there are others like the United Kingdom where health insurance is available to all the citizens free of cost. There are two basic types of health insurance. They are the family health insurance package and the individual health insurance package.

There are also many other types of plans. Let us take a look at what they are.

The first type is called managed care. This is the cheapest way of getting medical insurance. But it also gives you the least amount of flexibility. This type of insurance controls all your medical activities. Before you even enter a doctor’s clinic, you must first have prior consent from your insurance provider. Only then will the insurance agency provide you with reimbursement for your medical expenses.

The other type is the fee for service medical insurance. This is the costliest type of medical insurance. In this type of policy, you would pay a monthly fee called a premium. And there is also a certain amount of money that is paid by you annually, known as deductibles. The fee for service type of medical insurance gives you the maximum amount of flexibility. You can choose which doctor or hospital you want to visit. And all you have to do is fill out some forms and attach the bills before you send them to the insurance agency.

The last type of medical insurance is HMO or health maintenance organizations. These are insurance companies which own a centralized health facility which can cater to all your needs. A few of them might also have doctors or clinics on contract, or that are affiliated to the insurance company. And you must and should choose your doctor from among the pool available under the company. There is not much flexibility in this deal because you might not find a doctor or clinic nearby which is under your insurance company.

But this type of medical insurance also has a lot of benefits. Firstly, it is a lot cheaper than going for the fee for service medical insurance. And a lot of people actually prefer HMO’s because it is hassle free. You do not need to fill out forms to claim your reimbursement. You will be given a card which you can use to identify yourself whenever you go to the doctor. And the hospital will directly bill the insurance agency. You might have to pay a very small co-pay or co-insurance whenever you make a visit.

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