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What is Visit USA Insurance

Todays Date: November 19, 2018

There is a popular misconception that medical policy bought in one?s own nation will cover a person for the medical emergencies met during visits to foreign land(s). In USA, medical authorities will not accept a foreign company?s insurance while treating a patient. Thus, irrespective of whether a person has a medical insurance or not he/she will have to bear his own medical expenses. However, there is a solution to this problem. The solution is Visit USA medical insurance.

Any person visiting the USA can purchase Visit USA medical insurance. It doesn?t matter whether you are visiting USA for academics, professional purpose, or just for having fun. Whatever be your purpose you will be eligible to purchase Visit USA insurance as soon as you start your trip.

Visit USA insurance offers 2 plans- Plan A and Plan B. In the first plan, coverage of $50,000 is provided per injury. The other plan gives coverage of $1, 00, 000. In case the applicant is over 80 years old, the coverage amount reduces to $10,000.

Three deductibles are offered by this tourists insurance. They are of $250, $500, and $1,000. After you pay this deductible, the insurance company pays 80% of your medical expenses to a limit of $5000. The family members and dependents of the account holder are also covered by this tourist health insurance.

The insurance is valid for a maximum period of 12 months and for a minimum duration of 15 days. The plan can?t be renewed after the purchase. However, it can be purchased once again for a renewed coverage.

Visit USA insurance provides coverage for accidental death. In case of loss of members, too coverage is provided. Only hands, legs, and eyes are considered as members. The highest amount of dismemberment is provided if it is a case of multiple dismemberment. If death or dismemberment occurs due to an attempt to suicide then no claims are entertained by tourist insurance.

Visit USA medical health insurance will not provide any coverage in cases of pre-contracted medical conditions. The same is applicable in case of expenses related to pregnancy, cosmetic surgery or dental expenses (unless incurred due to accidents), drug misuse etc. The insurance holder cannot claim any coverage if he/she takes part in hazardous sports such as scuba diving, skiing etc.

A perfect medical insurance for tourists is beneficial to every person irrespective of the reason for travel. Traveling to a new country can be enjoyable and secure with Visit USA tourist insurance.

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