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Whole life insurance explored

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

Whole life insurance is insurance as we know it and it covers a person’s death for however long he lives. Whole life insurance is a more guaranteed form of life insurance and is thus more costly than the term life policy which only runs for a particular amount of time. So, if there is a hundred percent guarantee that the policy will pay out, why will insurance companies offer such a policy anyways? Well, apart from the risk factor that a policy holder might die early, the premiums paid will appreciate in value through bonds and other investments made by the insurance company and by the time the policy is paid out or surrendered, the investment will reach the figure of benefit anyways.

This where whole life policy wins over term life policy, where you do not get your money back after your term finishes. Another reason to choose whole life insurance policy is simply to rest easy. You can forget about insurance after you’ve taken out a whole life policy. Same is not the case in term life. Terms run from one year to as many as thirty years. But many people still find themselves in need of insurance after their term finishes. But getting insurance coverage after you’ve aged by so many years could be heavy on the pocket.

Now that we’ve established that, the next question would be about how to obtain whole life insurance quotes and how to arrive at the best whole life insurance rates. Whole life insurance application process generally includes a medical test and a lot of detail about your lifestyle and family medical history. However, a general quote can be obtained for comparison through several online channels. There are also simplified issue life insurances that ask only a few questions and others that do not ask any questions at all except for the age. These quotes are easier to obtain, but the benefit in these cases is far lesser than a completely underwritten whole life policy and these insurances are used only to cover funeral expenses and outstanding debts if any.

The best whole life insurance rates can be obtained through a bit of digging around. Asking people you trust about the policies they’ve taken out, visiting the website of your state’s department of insurance, getting your hands on some consumer guides, offline or online and applying for quotes from various companies while studying their insurance plans thoroughly are steps towards arriving at the best rates and best policies.

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