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Why Can’t I Find Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Current gas prices are on the rise and the economy is coming to a halt so more people are riding motorcycles than ever before. The biker type has certainly changed. Grandpa probably has one in his garage.

Insurance seems to be the largest issue for most new bikers. Finding motorcycle insurance is harder than you may realize. Some who have just purchased their motorcycle may have been informed by their automobile insurance company that they could not cover them. Anyone who is thinking of purchasing a motorcycle might be surprised to learn that not all insurance companies are willing to provide motorcycle insurance policies.

It might irritate you because your insurance company will not provide coverage. After all you are a perfectly safe driver and your policy has never lapsed. So what reason do they have to not cover you? You may want to save a few bucks by combining insurance policies. The fact is you may have to look for a new insurance company for your motorcycle. If you are unable to get out of your present policy you will have to deal with separate insurance companies.

Insurance companies have good reasons for denying coverage to motorcyclists. You may be surprised but their largest reason has nothing to do with you. The largest reason insurance companies will not provide motorcycle coverage is the other drivers on the road. There are too many drivers who simply do not notice bikers on the roadways making them a risk for more accidents even though the rider is not the cause. Most motorcycle accidents are because of other drivers and the main excuse is they did not see them.

Even small mishaps run the risk of incurring more serious injuries to a motorcyclist. A fender bender while driving a car or truck will usually result in only a small claim for repairs to the vehicle and rarely creates a claim for serious injury.

If the rider is thrown off the bike during an accident they are poorly protected against the hard pavement. This is why claims for serious injuries for motorcyclists are more likely. Insurance companies have to consider helmet laws as they vary from state to state. Many states will require newer bikers to wear a helmet and there are still some states that have no helmet laws in effect at all. The rider could be riding the bike and have an accident while not wearing a helmet this is reason enough for most insurance companies to refuse coverage.

When you start shopping for motorcycle insurance you might find that many companies do not offer it. There are companies that will insure your motorcycle though, you may pay more than you expected the prices are still affordable. Insurance companies are here to protect us but they also need to make money and with motorcycles they see it as a bad risk because of the lack of protection the bike offers for the rider.

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