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Why Women Pay Far More And Tips For More Affordable Rates

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Women, as a group, get far better deals on auto and life insurance. It is not the same for them as far as health insurance is concerned. This article examines the reasons for this and offers tips to help women attract cheaper rates.

First, let’s explain why this is so…

The females of all mammals are known to generally need more health care. Here are some reasons that make this also true of women in general…

1. A woman menstrual circle affects her in various ways. How much toll it takes on the woman depends on each particular lady. However, we all know that the loss of blood is part of the whole process. Considering that this happens every month with the attendant psychological implications for some ladies, they should require more health care.

2. Pregnancy. A woman is seriously affected by each pregnancy although some apparently remain unchanged. And, if you consider that a good number of women have several pregnancies in their life time, you’ll see it makes sense that their bodies require more health care attention.

Now, we must understand that insurance companies, like every other business out there, are out to make a profit.Even the naive understands that insurance is a business and this means they are expected to turn a profit.It will be necessary to remind ourselves that insurance companies aren’t charities. They are there to make some profits (If this point isn’t taken into consideration my points here won’t make much sense to you).

To ensure they turn a profit, they have found a way of discovering how risky it is for them to give insurance to a particular group of people (referred to as a profile).

If they discover that 1 out of every 350 persons within a particular profile must file a claim within a year that amounts to $5,000 in costs to them, they can meet their obligations and still make a profit if each person with that group pays $250 yearly. So if a profile costs a lot to give coverage, insurers will compute rates to reflect such costs and still turn a profit.

As a profile, the female gender have shown that they make more health insurance claims (and higher amounts) than men. This invariably means that insurance companies will by default give you higher rates than a man of the same profile.

But thankfully, there are several steps a woman can take to qualify for cheaper rates. TThe following are very important…

1. You must desist from smoking or using tobacco in its various forms. Also, quit alcohol.

2. Quit dangerous games and sports.

3. Quit jobs that expose you to hazards.

4. Get in shape. Apart from the fact that you’ll look better, your rates will also be more manageable.

5. Make sure you take your exercises seriously.

6. You are NOT totally healthy if you stay unhappy. Ask your doctor and you’ll discover that allowing yourself to drift into a negative state can cause serious health conditions.

7. Obtain and evaluate quotes from many health insurance providers. Different insurers have different loss and claims histories. They also have very many different plans.

Don’t forget that the US has as many as 13,000 health plans. This means that you’d have to choose from as many as that number. Some will give you a better price/value than others.

Is there a way to ensure that you get the most appropriate health plan for you and so avoid paying for too much or too little? Everything depends on how well you handle the quoting process.

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