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Your Credit Score Can Impact Your Auto Insurance Rate- Believe It.

Todays Date: December 18, 2018

Impact of your score- Believe it or not, but your credit score can have a substantial impact on your ability to obtain insurance as well as the actual cost of the coverage! Insurance companies use these scores to help determine policy eligibility, coverage types available and insurance premium payment options. Credit score and insurance are thus directly linked.

Credit score defined- Now you may ask yourself-What is a credit score? A credit score is commonly defined as an individual’s credit history measured in numbers. It’s essential to acknowledge insurance companies’ right to obtain individual credit records or score without any shape or form of your permission.

Exact impact of credit score on your premiums- Insurance companies have conducted studies which have found that people with problematic credit are more likely to lodge insurance claims. The logic employed by most insurance companies is that people who tend to lodge claims should pay more for coverage, obtain less coverage or be denied coverage entirely.

Improving your credit score- Did you know that you can actually do a few things to significantly improve your credit score? It is best to get negative items cleared and ultimately removed from your credit history, as this will increase your likeliness of obtaining coverage or paying insurance premiums that are a lot lower.

Collection agency reports- Are there are any collections agency reports on your credit report and score? If there are, ask if mentioned debt could be settled for a lesser amount. It’s of utmost importance that the collections agency states in writing that they will remove relevant, negative items from your credit history once payment has been received.

Other factors considered- Other factors can impact your credit score negatively, and thus your credit record in its entirety. Factors considered include payments that are late, numerous open credit lines, or frequent credit limit advancing. It is highly recommended that you try to pay more instead of the minimum amount due on credit cards, close any credit cards which are not readily used or needed, and remain within limit during credit card usage. Mentioned factors can help improve your credit rating as well as coverage premiums.

Score mistakes- In the case of any mistakes on your credit report and score, you should immediately contact appropriate parties to dispute the issue. Once the problematic item has been removed from your credit report, the relevant insurance company should be informed as soon as possible that the problem has been resolved successfully. All credit reports and credit scores are updated on a regular basis, so insurance companies can see changes right away.

Absolute link- There is absolutely no doubt about the link between a person’s credit records and his or her ability to obtain insurance, and the cost of their premiums. Your current insurance company can also do a credit check before policy renewal, which can result in non-renewal of policies, or substantial rates increases, should there be no credit score improvement.

About the author: Ken Henry has some great suggestions on finding the solutions to your insurance questions. Get auto insurance rates from the best companies, plus save big money on auto and home insurance

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