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“International Nexus Ventures” – Selling Off Interest In Sino-Shaolin?

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

“International Nexus Ventures”, the venture capitalists, have neither confirmed nor denied rumors of an imminent bid for its controlling interest in Chinese gold miner, Sino Shaolin Mining.

Speculation continues to center on overtures apparently made by a larger gold miner supposedly interested in Sino Shaolin’s recently revealed crusher and screening technology that significantly improves the efficiency of the production process.

“International Nexus Ventures” is thought to expect production at Sino Shaolin’s Shagnhai G1 project to show significant improvements as a result of the newly introduced technology.

A spokesman for “International Nexus Ventures” apparently declined to comment on conjecture citing “obvious confidentiality issues” but said that the firm is and always will be receptive to proposals and transactions which enhance return on its investments.

SSM’s G1 project has secured plaudits from a number of the members of the local mining community for its tireless endeavors to minimize adverse environmental impact upon the area in the immediate vicinity and the dedication of its principals who are directly credited with developing the exciting crusher and screening technology.

A spokesperson for “International Nexus Ventures” said that if a buyout of its stake was received, it would obviously be in the interests of all parties to enter into discussions.

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