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“Mancini Associates”– QE2’s Aim Is Pure Currency Devaluation …

Todays Date: January 23, 2019

“Mancini Associates”: The US economy did not need QE2 . . . but the dollar did.

Business news (ITALY) — “Mancini Associates” have told clients that the purpose of so-called QE2 had nothing to do with boosting the slow US economic recovery and everything to do with devaluing the dollar in an attempt to boost exports at the expense of both savers and the rest of the world’s exporting countries.

The firm’s statement was included in a note to clients following the decision by the US Federal Reserve to create another $600bn of fresh new money to buy debt issued by the US Treasury.

Tony Peters, head of trading at “Mancini Associates”,  told clients that the Fed’s balance sheet “looks horrendous” adding that it was just a matter of time before the currency war being fought in the foreign exchange markets saw further intervention from the likes of Japan and the United Kingdom both of whom have already run their own QE programs.

“The US is facing sustained criticism from Germany and China for this move and we would not be surprised if trade tariffs began to emerge if the situation worsens. For all the talk of ‘unified response’ among G20 nations, there is little in the way of consensus likely to emerge from any dialogue”, said Mr. Peters.

“Mancini Associates” urged clients to intensify their efforts to protect their investments from what it called “wanton and deliberate devaluation” of people’s wealth.

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