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“Okuma Group”– How To Compete With Emerging Markets …

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

“Okuma Group”: Developed nations must play to their strengths in order to compete with the East.

“Okuma Group” remains skeptical of suggestions that economies can try to steer their economies towards more manufacturing citing the fact that developed countries cannot compete with developing nations on labor costs.

“The way forward for developed economies is to focus on the development of intellectual property and the encouragement of innovation. They have a virtual Aladdin’s Cave filled with intellectual property, patents, coveted brands and unexploited technology”, said Peter Scott, Senior Vice-President at “Okuma Group”.

Okuma Group” said that it was foolishness to prop up automakers to preserve manufacturing jobs that would inevitably end up in China or India. Mr. Scott concluded by suggesting that the workforces in developed nations needed to be re-trained for the jobs of the 21st century or “relocate to China, Vietnam or Indonesia”.

The firm believes that the transfer of wealth from West to East is by no means complete and that, with focus on the right areas, the foundations for creating well-paid, knowledge-based jobs can be laid.

“Okuma Group” continues to seek out innovative technology companies reasoning that the West’s undeniable head start on the emerging economies in terms of technological development and literacy levels will be one of the main sources of profits in the decades ahead.

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