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A Career as a Learning Support Worker

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Being employed as a learning support worker can not only develop into a long fulfilling and rewarding career but also provide you with life skills and experience that can be used both in and out of your working lifestyle.

The job involves the candidate helping students with learning or physical disabilities whilst supporting those who are trying to achieve individual learning and social goals in life. In addition, this would also include supporting the students in getting from class to class. The candidate will be required to assist with school tutors. The role may include the preparation and organisation of teaching materials as well as schedules for the students in need. This may also include the task of setting targets, monitoring progression for individuals and assisting the students in hitting these targets of course.

The ideal person for this job role should have excellent written and spoken English skills and have an extremely patient and calm personality when approaching and dealing with your specific students. Previous experience of working with student disabilities such as autism and dyslexia will also be an excellent asset for as a Learning Support Worker. The candidate should also have a strong and confident personality when faced with difficult decisions such as the identifying of personal staff development and the need for training and also to have an overall good idea of what needs to be expected from your work colleagues as well as yourself.

Qualifications are essential when applying for this position and the most basic levels required for this job role are a Qualification in Learning Support, Assessor Award or equivalent level 3 and Level 2 qualifications in English and mathematics. So if you are interested in working in this job area and have not acquired these qualifications, this is a good place to start.

A sympathetic and caring nature, combined to….The most attributable and beneficial quality that you can have to work in this area is a sense of the needs and standards to which this line of work should meet combined with a sympathetic and caring nature. The candidate also needs to work with Health and Safety Policy that are in line with best practices.

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