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A Good Financial Newsletter Provides Tips And Important Insights To The Newbie Investor

Todays Date: January 17, 2019

I am a mother of three lovely children and even though my earnings are stable as a direct seller of beauty products, I know that it’s important for me to explore other possibilities to increase my income in order to set aside funds for my children’s future and likewise, for my retirement. My grandmother passed away early this year and she left me a small sum of money. I put the money in the bank where it earns a small interest; I know that I can beef up the funds some more by investing it in the stock market. I am aware that the market is fluctuating and volatile so I just cannot invest my money based on gut feel. Besides, this is the only money I’ve got so I have to be wise about where I am going to put it. I know that a financial newsletter from an investment research company will be helpful in providing me with data that can help me decide what stocks to buy and invest in.

I have seen several big investment companies that are offering stock market analysis for a fee. However, I did not subscribe to such services because I felt that they are useless expenses. I consider myself a prudent investor that is why I don’t want to spend money on such service. I felt really fortunate to stumble accross MyStrategicForecast.com. Even if my intuition was saying that this company is the one for me, I still did not immediately subscribe to their financial newsletter because I first want to know more about them. I noticed that this company is very meticulous. They provided me with all the data and facts I needed to be able to get a better grasp of what their company and services are about and how they gather financial data to be used in investment decisions.

After my research and finding out that a friend is also a subscriber of My Startegic Forecast financial newsletter, I decided to give it a test. Since I could review sample forecasts on their site I had a pretty good idea of what to expect from them. After all, the monthly service fee is only $99, an amount I can afford to lose in case I wasn’t satisfied with their service.

After I received my first financial newsletter and email notifications, I just ignored the recommendations of My Strategic Forecast because I wanted to verify first if their forecast is accurant to what is actually happening in the market floor. Unfortunately, my inaction cost me money; their suggestions and their forecasts were all accurate. Since then, I have been using the investment research provided by My Strategic Forecast to help me decide where to put my money. Although I have yet to earn six figure incomes in stocks (since I really did not want to put all my excess money in stocks), I can say that my income from stock investing is already substantial.

Why not visit them today and start earning for a better future.

Amy Richman is a contributor for MyStrategicForecast.com, a company committed to providing accurate market forecasts using proven methods and painstaking empirical testing.Learn more about their services and sign up for their stock news letter online today.

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