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A Significant Rule to be Applied in E-Mini Futures Trading

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

To understand the significance of trading with pivots, understand first of all, that the market is controlled. Perhaps best to say that the Market is completely controlled. If the market were not entirely controlled, millions of shares of stock and millions of Futures contracts could not change hands every day so reliably.

You say you don’t agree that the market is controlled? I’ll give you an example of how it works. End of May 2009. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner goes to China ane meets with government officials. The Chinese gave Geithner some kind of a warning, the conversation most likely their telling him that they have invested heavily in the U.S. stock market and in U.S. Treasury bonds. They are prepared to sell their holdings if the stock market does not appreciate.

Geithner knows that could literally crash the U.S. economy, an economy held together with bobby pins.

Geithner returns to US. Can he and his Treasury friends do anything to fix the problem? Geithner’s meeting with the Chinese happened at the END of May. After his return, the Dow appreciates to 8,800 from 8,200 in 2 weeks, a 600-point rise. Strange…this market that had not moved for over two months, hanging around 8,000. How could the DOW move up 600 points in two weeks when it hadn’t moved in over 2 months? July and August, the market rose almost 1,000 points. Examine an old Dow chart for the past five years. You’ll understand that May through August are generally thought to be what is known as summer doldrums. How could the DOW go up 1,300 points in just over one month?

How does that kind of control help you to become a 12-minute trader? Simple. The point of this story is that the market is controlled. The market’s “insiders” know where they are interested in taking the market to and they can control just how fast it gets there. Insiders follow very controlled trading rules, an important one of which is Futures Pivots. To become a 12-minute trader, you need to learn the insider’s rules…buy when they buy and sell when they sell. Become a market shadow.

What then, are pivots? Pivots are support and resistance price levels that allow the insiders to control daily highs and lows during any given trading day. There are in actuality 17 Futures trading pivots — eight intraday (occurring in just one day) and nine inter-day (occurring over more than 1 day). Futures Market insiders use Futures Pivots and stock market insiders use Stock Market pivots. To be a successful 12-minute trader, you need to have the pivots to appear on your technical analysis charts. It is very difficult to trade without pivots because you won’t know where the market may turn on a dime.

If you want to discover more about becoming a 12-minute trader and learn more information on Futures Market pivots, attend a Monday night webinar on trading Futures sponsored by http://www.shadowtrader.com. There you can see for yourself the pivots in action on the current day’s technical analysis chart. Shadowtraders always shows the current day’s chart, not some old chart from weeks or months earlier.

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