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Ancient Facts: The Yellow Metal

Todays Date: January 19, 2019

The Incas talked about gold as being the “tears of the sun”. Iliad and Odyssey also contain references to the precious metal. Homer said there that gold is a sign of wealth among ordinary people and of immortality among gods.

The first gold treasure map was created around 1320 B.C., in the time of Seti. Parts of the papyrus named “Carte des mines d’ or” can now be found in the Turin Museum. In this papyrus there are illustrated roads leading to gold mines and gold-bearing mountains. Of course, everybody is curious where the road to the gold leads but as in most treasure maps, the explications are a bit vague. Experts say that the yellow metal is located in the Wadi Fawakhir region, where the El Sid gold mine is situated. Even so, we cannot be sure that the treasure is not sitting somewhere and is just waiting to be found.

For the ancient Greek method of mining gold tons of water was used to propel the gold-bearing sand. Even if this method was invented thousands of years ago, it was still used during the California Gold Rush in 1949.

Gold as currency was introduced on the market somewhere around 700 B.C. when the Lydian merchants produced the coin. The first coins were made out of 63% gold and 27% silver. With the discovery of the “Gold of Troy” treasure, ancient delicate jewelry and a gold gravy boat was also revealed. The treasure hoard was found in Turkey and it dates back to 2450-2600 B.C. In those times, gold was considered a valuable asset but it was not seen as currency. The glittering metal was owned only by the wealthy and it was used to make objects of warship to decorate sacred locations.

Gold was and still is a valuable asset to own. This is why specialists advise us to invest in precious metal.

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