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Apple iPhone 4 and out of stock

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

 Although iPhone4s has not yet officially on sale in the country, but Apple as preparation for toilet paper, the customer is not falling. Yesterday, reporters learned from the market, because the goods are in tension, had previously been cut iPhone4, prices bounced back again.

Apple pinched iPhone4 tight supply, a new “hunger marketing” began. The iPhone4 sources of tension first manifested in on Apple’s official channel. Apple China official website, iPhone4 each types are displayed “no supply”, unable to purchase online, Apple 4,006,668,800 sales hotline could not provide the customer with the iPhone4 reservation service. Similarly, Apple and Xidan SanLiTun iPhone4 in two stores are out of stock.   Worth noting is that after the iPhone4 discontinued, Apple are not accepted at various sales channels, which means Apple iPhone4 stocks could be in the country has zero. In unofficial channels, iPhone4 prices fell “soaring”. Zhongguancun, 32G white iPhone4 prices has to report about $ 5,450, than Apple’s official list prices are up nearly $ 500.

GOME, sunning distributors also have raised the iPhone4 (iPhone 4S bumper) price up $ 200, but also out of stock for sale. “Apple is through stock take customers ‘ desire to buy, go to iPhone4s (iPhone 4S skins). “A distributor to reporters, since iPhone4s after the release of Apple although the iPhone4 price promotions, but the supply is plummeting, Apple’s move is aimed at quickly emptied their domestic inventory, and after the iPhone4 out of stock, to lift consumers desire to buy, through the” hunger marketing “methods for iPhone4s (cases for iPhone 4S) toilet paper customers.”Not first save a large number of customers, Apple won’t make iPhone4s in the domestic market,” he said.

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